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6 Ways Prioritizing Your Health Can Save You Money

6 Ways Prioritizing Your Health Can Save You Money

June 01, 2024

It can be easy to lose focus on your own health needs, especially if you have other obligations.

This can be an expensive mistake for several reasons. Consider these ways putting your health first can help you both physically and financially.


Outrun medical costs

While finding the time to exercise can pose a challenge, it can reap big rewards in the long run. That’s because leading an active lifestyle may help you dodge health conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, and cancer, each of which can come with pricey medical expenses, such as for prescriptions and doctor visits. By staying healthy and avoiding these costs, you may have more money to contribute to long-term financial goals, such as saving for retirement or paying off your mortgage.

Reduce food bills

Preparing healthy meals for yourself may require careful planning, but you might find it’s worth the effort. Americans spent about $2,375 on restaurant and takeout food in 2022. Since food made at home is generally cheaper, you could save by preparing your own healthy meals. Then you could possibly put some money toward time away at a spa or other restful location.

Pay less for transportation

You can spend less on maintaining your car or for bus, cab, or train fare if you walk or bicycle instead when possible. Plus, you’ll enjoy numerous health benefits that can possibly stave off expensive medical care. The additional exercise can strengthen your lungs, muscles, and joints. You might also be able to enjoy the many benefits sunshine can provide, such as improving your levels of vitamin D, which can help regulate your blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Maintain your weight

Weight fluctuations can be costly since these changes may necessitate a new wardrobe. If you can keep your weight steady through activities like exercising, watching what you eat, and getting enough sleep, you might find yourself putting more money in the bank and less toward what you wear.

Use your benefits

Failing to use your paid vacation time is like losing money you worked hard to earn. So take some time for rest and relaxation. Doing so could lower your stress, prevent burnout, and maybe even help you to earn more.

Don’t fund bad habits

Finally, if you break yourself of unhealthy and expensive routines, you might burn less money. For instance, those who quit smoking a pack of cigarettes a day could save about $3,033 a year. (They may also enjoy a longer life—studies show that a smoker might live at least ten years less than a nonsmoker would.) Or perhaps you could swap the soda you drink daily for free cups of water. Some changes like these might not be hard, but they can make a big difference—and you could even be happier, healthier, and richer for it.


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