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Comprehensive Financial Planning

Having a solid financial plan in place is the cornerstone of building the appropriate investment portfolio to help you pursue your individual goals. UsingKey Statistics for Financial Health WealthVision, we design a customized comprehensive financial plan for you. This wealth management software, powered by eMoney, allows clients to conveniently access their profile to track the health of their financial plan using a customizable client dashboard. Through Wealthvision, we are able to visually show you the impact of any major life decision, giving you the comfort you need to move forward with your goals and aspirations.

With WealthVision, we'll help you see all of your financial assets and liabilities in one clear snapshot. You will be able to build in various scenarios so that you can accurately plan for your future. Together, we update this plan annually and with any major life changes. 

Here are some of the areas we look at:

  • Retirement Planning - Using our WealthVision software, we can assist you in creating and monitoring retirement goals, helping you to pursue such goals with ongoing support. We offer full cash flow analysis and provide advice on income, expenses, budgeting, and planning for both the short and long term. We educate you on withdrawal strategies, Social Security, and the impact of required minimum distributions. Once we have worked toward your goal of achieving a high probability of maintaining your standard of living throughout your life, we look into planning for bucket list items so that you can utilize your wealth to live life to the fullest.
  • Cash Flow Planning/Budget Analysis - We review your income and help set goals that align your income with your needs. The amount of money you save on a regular basis is the only factor you have control over as an investor. The markets may be volatile and investments may not perform as expected. However, the decision to contribute more to your employer sponsored retirement plan instead of spending it elsewhere will help you work towards financial success down the road. We also review your expenses and help create a budget, if necessary, as well as provide advice on an adequate emergency fund, help with dollar cost averaging and review your debts. 
  • Insurance Planning - We review existing insurance policies and provide a detailed needs analysis on life and disability insurance, while considering health insurance, including HSAs and property and casualty insurance plans. We also discuss the importance of planning for long-term care needs.
  • Estate Planning - We assist our clients with their estate plans and work with them and allied professionals to ensure their wishes are followed. We review documents and consider legacy wishes, guardianship and beneficiary designations, and help with charitable planning. 
  • College Planning -  We help our clients plan for the future of their children by advising on college planning. We present clients with educational needs analyses that show if they are on the appropriate path to work toward achieving their funding goals, and if not, what they need to do to get there. We also help clients with the establishment of 529 accounts for the benefit of their children and provide ongoing service on these accounts, if desired. 

 Our role in this process:

Financial Planning Process

            - We listen to your financial concerns and objectives.

            - We analyze your personal situation with your values in mind. 

            - We propose realistic financial strategies.

            - We review your progress toward your objectives.

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