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At Albany Financial Group, we have implemented Riskalyze, the world’s first risk alignment platform, which mathematically pinpoints a client’s Risk Number® and equips advisors to empower fearless investors. 

You can be fearless knowing this technology allows us to tailor a portfolio to represent your comfort level, not ours. 

Built on a Nobel Prize-winning framework, Riskalyze quantifies the semantics of the financial advice industry, replacing confusing and subjective terms like “moderately conservative” and “moderately aggressive” with the Risk Number, a number between 1 and 99 that pinpoints a client’s exact comfort zone for downside risk and potential upside gain. Advisors then build an investment portfolio to match the client’s Risk Number and chart a clearly defined path to the client’s goals.

Riskalyze was twice named one of the world’s 10 most innovative companies in finance by Fast Company Magazine and has appeared twice on the Forbes FinTech50 list.

Riskalyze is the company that invented the Risk Number®, which powers the world's first Risk Alignment Platform, empowers advisors to execute the digital advice business model with Autopilot and enables compliance teams to spot issues, develop real-time visibility and navigate changing fiduciary rules with Compliance Cloud. Advisors, broker-dealers, RIAs, asset managers, custodians and clearing firms use Riskalyze to align the world's investments with each investor's Risk Number.

How it works

We will determine how much risk you WANT by going through a series of objective exercises based on actual dollar amounts. 

We'll then determine how much risk you NEED. We can chart a path to retirement using a simple, intuitive approach. We'll visualize the probability of a successful retirement and adjust in real time.

Finally, we'll determine how much risk you SHOULD have. We'll use all of these factors to build an optimized portfolio that fits your risk tolerance and goals. We can then stress test your new portfolio and set expectations for the future.

All investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.