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Two seconds...

That's how often someone becomes the victim of identity theft.

Are you one of them?

Most likely, yes. 

Last year, there were more than 14 million victims of identity theft and fraud.

Are you one of those 14 million? Has your personal information been exposed in a data breach or hack?  

The statistics say, “Most likely.” 

This may sound dramatic, but it's true: A world of dark forces and criminal networks conspire day and night to steal your username and password, obtain your Social Security number, open credit cards in your name, drain your bank accounts, and seize your computer to hold it for ransom.

I’m worried for all of us—myself, my family, my clients, and the community.  

It’s a serious, growing problem. But I don’t think it’s a reason for despair.

Most people don’t realize how vulnerable they are or what they can do to maximize their security. 

Regain Control of Your Online Security

As a financial planner,  I aim to  educate my clients on all aspects  of financial planning, and one of  the most important ways you  can control your finances is to protect them.

If you fill out the form to the right, we will e-mail you a PDF copy of Our Savvy Cybersecurity Quick Reference Guide, which may help you understand where you  fall short on securing your digital assets. This guide offers a checklist to help you put a plan in place to upgrade your knowledge and security.