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Get Your 2022 Financial 'Cheat Sheet' Today!

 The 2022 Key Financial Data reference guide puts many important financial numbers right at your fingertips—in a simple graphic format.

Organize your finances at your convenience without having to search the internet for numbers on tax brackets, deductions, credits, Social Security, retirement plans, and more. Key Data is a quick resource that offers those figures in one “cheat sheet!”

Post it to your bulletin board!

This reference card can help you:

  • Save time by providing easy access to financial numbers that matter to you.
  • Manage your overall tax bill by using tax deductions and credits listed.
  • Make informed decisions to avoid additional taxes and penalties.
  • Spot tax-efficient opportunities to save for a comfortable retirement.
  • Plan for health care expenses in retirement.
  • Gain tighter control over your money and assets.

John Gigliello, CFP®, AIF®, EA, MBA

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80  Wolf Road, Suite 301

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