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Social SecurityOur nation faces a serious retirement income crisis. The shift away from defined benefit pension plans in favor of defined contribution plans has deprived an entire generation of retirement security, made worse by insufficient savings.

After years of thinking of  Social Security as a safety net for old people, baby boomers are realizing that it will soon be their turn to collect. This 84-year old program that was designed to help senior citizens escape poverty in their old age is actually available to anyone who has paid into the system and reached retirement age.

Now that baby boomers are in or approaching their 60s, it is time to take a fresh look at Social Security as an important source of retirement income.

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Your Personal
Social Security Analysis

Your Personal Social Security Analysis

In the link below, you'll find a simplified Social Security analysis using our Social Security calculator software.

In this example, our fictional client, John Sample, has recently turned 62 and is now faced with a tough decision on when to claim social security. This report presents a breakeven analysis on when he should claim his benefit based on average life expectancy assumptions.

In addition to this breakeven analysis, we help our clients with spousal analysis, divorcee analyses, survivor analyses, and more complex analyses that factor in your spending in retirement among other variables.

Savvy Social Security Planning: What Baby Boomers Need to Know to Maximize Retirement Income

These questions will be asked by thousands of baby boomers every day for years to come:

  • When should I apply for Social Security?
  • What if I divorce or marry?
  • How much more will I collect if I wait?

Watch the video to the right to see how we can help.

Social Security Quick Reference Guide

This quick reference guide provides key social security numbers to help you in planning. The percentages shown are applied to the primary insurance amount (PIA) of the worker whose earnings record benefits are being claimed. The PIA can be found on the worker's Social Security statement. It is an estimate of the benefit amount if claimed at full retirement age (FRA). Clients can obtain their latest statement by opening an account at

Social Security and Coronavirus

Social Security and Coronavirus

If you have been laid off or face business downturns, you may wonder if you should claim Social Security now. These guidelines can help navigate the decision. Plus, how Social Security is functioning during the pandemic.

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4 Common Elder Scams

4 Common Elder Scams

Elder fraud continues to be a growing problem with millions falling victim to a scam every year. Know the common signs that signal trickery—and what to do if you or a loved one is being scammed.

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Social Security for Widows

Social Security for Widows

If you, or someone you know, has lost a spouse, look into the rules and strategies for Social Security survivor benefits. By coordinating these benefits with your own retirement benefit, you may be able to maximize both benefits.

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